If you Love Salmon too, Here’s Six delicious Salmon Dinner Ideas! *Swipeee for …


If you Love Salmon too, 🍣💘 Here’s Six delicious Salmon Dinner Ideas! *Swipeee for inspo💫:]

Salmon is easy peasy, nourishing and delicious! Salmon is nutrient dense, and an excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins and minerals, along with Omega-3💘

1️⃣10 minute lunch! Baked wild salmon seasoned with olive oil, lemon and ground black pepper with a fried egg cooked in avocado oil, sautéed garlic mushrooms, spinach and half an avocado.

2️⃣Dairy free chive cream cheese and smoked salmon on baked russet potato toasts, a fried egg, roasted tomatoes, cucumbers and avo chunks.

3️⃣Sweet Chilli Salmon with Grilled pineapple, roasted sweetcorn, perfectly ripe avocado and steamed broccoli and chilli flakes.

4️⃣Here’s baked Salmon, organic pasture raised eggs with spinach, asparagus and half an avocado.

5️⃣Salmon with a hard boiled egg, sliced avocado and chickpea, tomato and feta salad with red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper.

6️⃣Smoked salmon and dairy free chive cream cheese on rye toast with a soft boiled egg, arugula, tomatoes, half a avocado and roasted chickpeas seasoned with cumin.

So glad for the weekend 🙌🏼 Hope you have a great day! Thanks to @zestmylemon for the pictures.

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