‘I’ll have the carb with the side of the protein, please.’ – said no human being…

‘I’ll have the carb with the side of the protein, please.’ – said no human being in a restaurant ever lol.⠀

Because food is food, right? We could talk at length about the carb content in 100g of mashed potato, or how much fat is in 29 almonds – but ultimately what we eat is food ???⠀

It’s not that the idea of foods being ‘a carb’, ‘a fat’ or ‘a protein’ is *total* bullshit. It’s just a little bit simplistic – which can get confusing.⠀

Because while some foods can contain mostly one macronutrient, most foods will contain a varying degree of each ? (Sometimes alongside a few micronutrients as well – which are also pretty great.)⠀

Take almonds. Almonds are often defined as ’a protein’ – and yet they offer more for us in fat. And a few g’s carbs and micros too.⠀

Literally replacing ‘is a’ with ‘has some’ (*most likely in addition to some other good shit aswell*) gives a better representation of exactly how food is structured.⠀

(And stops the confusion trying to make foods fit 3 separate little boxes when some fit a combination ?)⠀ Credit @thefashionfitnessfoodie ✨

Sorry for my ugly egg.


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