I’m out! here’s what I’m taking with me on my way to Israel this evening.⠀ Cred…


I’m out! ✌🏼 here’s what I’m taking with me on my way to Israel this evening.✈️⠀
Credit @workweeklunch⠀
And yes all of this will get on the plane with me! I’ve traveled to about 2 dozen different countries and I always take food with me to eat on the plane from the US with no issues.⠀
I’ve got:⠀
✅ granola and a homemade instant oatmeal packet in 2 @stasherbag minis, (I’ll just add hot water to the oatmeal and eat it out of my @stojo cup before landing).⠀
✅ carrots, banana and apples because I generally crave fresh fruits and veggies on planes⠀
✅ a tofu stir fry in a collapsible container. Because even though we get a meal on the plane I know it’s not going to be satisfying (I’ve made this trip many times)⠀
✅ 3 slices of banana bread to share with my brother and his GF since we’re all traveling together⠀
✅ homemade popcorn⠀
👌🏼I might not eat all of this on the way BUT I just like to be over prepared. My brother will probably just eat anything I don’t really need 😂 my main motivation for doing this every time I travel is to save money. Food is SO EXPENSIVE in airports and I’m just not about that life. I’d rather spend on WiFi on the plane 😶⠀
🙏🏼Have an amazing week!⠀




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