In the words of drunk Jim Halpert: Aw, nuts!⠀ Post by @cheatdaydesign⠀ -⠀ Nuts a…


In the words of drunk Jim Halpert: Aw, nuts!⠀
Post by @cheatdaydesign✨⠀
Nuts are one of the those snacks that are absolutely healthy, but wayyy easy to over-consume. While most serving sizes are a small handful, it’s easy to enjoy multiple servings without even realizing it.⠀

Weighing out your portion might not be an option, so use this guide to help you eyeball your portion, if needed!⠀

I’ve seen guides like this pop up before, and a lot of the numbers differ slightly. Rest-assured, I did thorough research here, and cross-checked between multiple labels to get a good approximate. Shoutout to Planters for being so reliable!⠀

Knowing how to eyeball portions and estimate calories is a great skill to have. While weighing out servings to figure out the exact serving size helps, it’s not the approach we want to use forever. By learning how to visualize portion sizes, you’ll be one step closer to not having to weigh out all of your food.⠀

What’s your nut ranking? For me, cashews are for sure number one, followed by almonds, and then pistachios. As much as I love peanut butter, I don’t really enjoy snacking on peanuts. Go figure.⠀
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