Intermittent fasting by @smurray_32 . Anyway, ever since doing days of eating or…

Intermittent fasting by @smurray_32
Anyway, ever since doing days of eating or even my cheat days (I usually don’t eat my first meal until like 12-3), a lot of you have asked me why follow IF when it likely isn’t the most optimal diet for muscle gain? As you will see in my videos, I train fasted and don’t break my fast until the afternoon therefore, as I have already discussed the science behind IF in a previous video, let me just say it as it is from my perspective

Intermittent fasting is nothing but a time schedule, a time schedule that allows for bigger meals = increased satiation = increased adherence = longer term results, BUT! It’s not magic and definitely not the only way to structure your diet, just a possible option that may be suited to you

For my (and many others out there) lifestyle, IF works perfectly as, it allows me to get up early, bang out my workout, snack (or fast) while I tend to some more “important” work in the late morning/afternoon and THEN break my fast. Is It optimal? No and if you wanted to make it more optimal you would ideally break your fast first and schedule your training later on in the day as by training fasted you will likely compromise performance but again, practical > optimal


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