ITS FINALLY MELON SEASON!! Watermelon and Cantaloupe are my two favourites and a…

Watermelon and Cantaloupe are my two favourites and a couple of the best snack foods. How to pick a good melon? I’d love to hear your tricks and I’ll share mine as well?
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Melons are great because they are pretty much just water disguised as food.. water.melon? but nutritious and filling at the same time❤️Both these bowls were 500g and 200 calories.

I am a boredom eater and can find myself on the couch watching Netflix with some urge to eat while I sit there and watch my favourite show. Could be just habit??‍♀️ Do you feel the same? Melons are great because they provide so much volume for few calories and it could take an hour to eat a bowl of melon like this☺️

?How I pick my cantaloupe?
They have been really good this year so I definitely recommend buying one next time you’re in store.
?Find one heavy for its size
?Make sure there are no major blemishes.
?Press on the underside of the stem and if soft, it’s ripe.

?How to pick a good watermelon?
?Find one heavy for its size
?Find one that has a large sun spot
?Find one with brown marks that feel and look kind of like tree bark. This is where insects try and get to the fruit as they know it’s sweet?In my experience the watermelons with these qualities are always the best;]
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