@kimschlagfitness has made this beaut of a post which is something I chat about…


??✌? @kimschlagfitness has made this beaut of a post which is something I chat about a lot the concept of eating better not less.

So important not just for dieting but for long term health.

??Over to Kim who has always got the eye of the tiger????
Ok, it kinda does, but maybe not in the way you think. To lose weight you have to eat fewer CALORIES, but that doesn’t necessarily mean less FOOD?
If you’re wondering what that looks like, check out the graphic.

The food on the left totals 2000 calories (1997 to be precise.)

Now peek across the line to the food on the right.

Only 1700 (1680 to be exact) calories for all of that. Woah.

Big difference in volume, even though calories are lower by 300. Can you see how that works for fat loss?

Less calories, more volume= sustainable calorie deficit. And that, my friend equals success.
Here are a few tips to do this with your meals:

?Minimize liquid calories.
?Minimize fried foods
?Be careful with portion sizes, especially those of high calorie items (peanut butter is a good example)
?Focus on whole, nutrient dense foods
?Cook at home more often
?Lots of high volume foods (non starchy vegetables, water-filled fruit such as strawberries & watermelon, lean proteins such as Greek yogurt & tuna, and my personal fave- air popped popcorn are a few examples. Lots more further down my feed.)
?Low calorie/no calorie dressings
Hope this helps! Hit me up with any questions in the comments:)




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