Know Your PROTEIN by @corebodyfitness . A lot of times when I chat with people …

?Know Your PROTEIN ? by @corebodyfitness
A lot of times when I chat with people they tell me they eat a lot of protein. Or they think they are adding protein to their meals! .
However, many are WAY off! .
It’s not that they don’t necessarily try, I think often times they think they are doing good, eating right and eating good protein sources. It’s more do to a lack of knowing what is a good source and what is not.
The foods on the left column are all great sources of protein rich foods. The column on the right, while they may have some protein are not really considered protein sources.
The biggest example I see people mistake when I ask if they’re eating protein is peanut butter. Peanut butter is actually a fat source. Often times the sources people think are protein actually very low protein and usually higher in carbs or fat. .
When adding protein to your diet, try to stick to foods more on the left side and you’ll be set.



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