Living the active plant-based​ lifestyle? You definitely want to keep reading ~ …


✨Living the active plant-based​ lifestyle? You definitely want to keep reading?
Happy World Vegan Day lovelies! I can’t believe its already my second world vegan day celebration! I’m equally amazed by the number of vegan products now available to those of us living the #plantbasedlifestyle
I know I don’t post breakfast bowls often, but protein oats and smoothie bowls are fast becoming staples in my diet. I mentioned a little while ago that I had started incorporating vegan protein powders (in small amounts) into my diet because I have increased the amount of resistance training in my fitness routine. I’ve been particularly enjoying @myproteinuk regular vegan blend and their active vegan blend protein powders. I usually add a scoop of either one into my oats to make protein oats. They make my oats really thick, fluffy and satisfying. And because they are already flavoured/sweetened, there is no need to add additional sweetener. They do have a very slight gritty texture initially, but you don’t notice it after the first few mouthfuls.
l also enjoy the protein powders in smoothie bowls like the one pictured. I make mine by blending together a banana, tofu, almond milk and a scoop of protein powder in a food processor, and then topping the smoothie with more bananas, berries, nuts and some of @myproteinuk ‘s delicious coated pumpkin seeds to make a super delicious high protein, satisfying breakfast bowl!
In addition to plant-based proteins, @myproteinuk has a wide range of vegan-friendly products including snacks and nut butters. I recommend checking them out.
Use the discount code “SOMIWVM” at checkout on to receive 40% off ALL of their vegan products. The code is valid between November 1-3 only #veganbysomi #myprotein #spon




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