Matcha vs. Coffee By @fitandfedbysteph⠀ I love making lattes (pictured here) wi…

Matcha vs. Coffee  By @fitandfedbysteph⠀
I love making lattes (pictured here) wi…

✨? Matcha vs. Coffee ☕️ By @fitandfedbysteph⠀
I love making lattes (pictured here) with coffee/espresso as well as matcha. Sometimes I even do half of each in a latte ? Both have their benefits and are delicious!⠀

Matcha is made from dried green tea leaves and typically comes in a powder that is mixed into milk or water. It’s also great in baked goods!⠀

It has 140 times the antioxidants of coffee and has an amino acid called L-theanine, which promotes the slow release of caffeine. This gives matcha the ability to sustain energy for up to twice as long as coffee.⠀

The energy matcha provides is also a much more calm, alert awareness, that doesn’t lend to that jittery feeling coffee can cause.⠀

Coffee is made from ground coffee beans and has up to 3 times the caffeine of matcha. A little bit also adds great flavor to chocolate baked goods and other savory recipes – see my brisket coffee rub on my blog! (in my bio)⠀

It provides a faster spike in energy, but also a faster drop, so it tends to energize for only 1-3 hours. The energy from coffee is also a bit more stimulating, which can cause that jittery feeling for some people.⠀

If you have issues with acid reflux or stomach inflammation, as well as anxiety, I would suggest trying matcha if you want caffeine!⠀

I drink both depending on what I need – If i’m really sleepy, matcha doesn’t always to the trick.⠀

I hope this was helpful! Which one do you prefer?⠀
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