Mint Chocolate Chip Frosty. Frozen bananas and milk make up the base for this “i…


Mint Chocolate Chip Frosty. Frozen bananas and milk make up the base for this “ice cream”. A little bit of artificial coloring and mint extract make it into one of my favorite types of ice cream 😎 .
First off, is this as good as regular mint chocolate chip ice cream? No of course not and anyone who says it is is a loser. Sometimes it’s fun to play with different ingredients to see if we can replicate some of our more indulgent favorites. All you have to do to make it is throw the frozen bananas in a blender and turn it on to start churning. Add the milk slowly until you reach your desired consistency. Then add the whey protein powder, vanilla, coloring, and mint. You only need one or two drops so be gentle and adjust as needed. I use whole milk to make mine but you could use almond milk or skim milk to lower calorie content even further. I think the fat from the whole milk helps with the flavor though so I have to recommend using full fat milk. There is a little bit of a banana flavor that remains so it’s not perfect but still worth a try. .
The blender I use is a @vitamix which is in my eyes the best blender money can buy. I’m not sure how silky of a texture you will get from a cheaper blender, but the taste should be similar. If you have extra you can store it in the freezer but cover it with plastic wrap and make sure the wrap is pressed against the ice cream. It’s not as good stored so id recommend just eating it on the spot. It’s nice to have someone to share with because if you decrease the recipe at all there isn’t really enough stuff in the blender to get it going. .
Credit: @themealprepmanual
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