My hubby sees me in the kitchen making a strong cup of coffee 10pm last night. “…

?My hubby sees me in the kitchen making a strong cup of coffee 10pm last night. “Are you seriously going to drink that NOW?” “Of course not! I’m making walnut coffee cream.” So, I like walnuts and I LOVE coffee, and last night, I tried putting them together. Even better than I predicted. (As a dietitian I feel inclined to add the disclaimer that if you eat too much of this stuff, you will gain weight!?)
So now, what to do with all this walnut coffee cream? Well, right now I’m totally inspired by Jo @healthyeating_jo and Lore @datesandavocados and their amazing creations that I decide to attempt making one of their tarts. I know that I am ever so far from reaching even 1/100th of their talent, but that’s not the point. I’m having fun and eating well trying! ?(I was a little heavy handed when pouring chocolate the chocolate on top. Oops!)
?Recipe for Walnut Coffee Cream
Soak 1 cup of walnuts in a large mug of strong brewed coffee overnight in fridge. Strain the walnuts while preserving the coffee. Blend walnuts, 1.5 pitted + chopped medjool dates, 1/4 tsp vanilla, some plant based milk and a couple tablespoons of the coffee. Blend on high speed and keep adding milk and coffee in small amounts until satisfied with consistency and taste. Add to absolutely anything. Oatmeal? Yum!
If you want recipe for rest of tart, let me know.
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