‘Protein is overrated’- that phrase is ludicrous! Protein is a significant compo…

‘Protein is overrated’- that phrase is ludicrous! Protein is a significant component of your hair, skin, muscles, antibodies, hormones, and neurotransmitters. It regulates fluid balance, acts as a buffer to maintain blood pH, contributes to immune function, can be a source of energy and contributes to satiety. How can a nutrient so fundamental to your wellbeing be overrated?
Sure enough, some of us rely excessively on animal protein and could do with including more plant protein. But, that doesn’t make protein redundant. On a purely plant-based diet, you run the risk of not getting enough protein, and that’s not because plants don’t contain enough protein. It is because your body doesn’t absorb the protein in vegetables as efficiently as it does from animal products, and because over time, high consumption of phytates can negatively affect the enzymes (especially trypsin) that are responsible for protein digestion.
If you are not getting enough protein, you start to look extremely skinny, and you may experience hair loss, fatigue, dental abnormalities, pale skin, anaemia, oedema (water retention), advanced ageing, higher risk of infectious diseases and nutrient deficiencies.
Not everyone is going to get protein deficient or experience adverse effects. But if you’re starting to look extremely skinny, and feeling unwell in general, you should probably reexamine your diet with the help of a professional. This is not to say that you need to incorporate animal products into your diet or that you need to go mad on protein. It is to tell you that protein is CRUCIAL, and it should not be overlooked or underestimated! Get enough, but not too much.
P.S I approach diet from a health perspective and not an ethical perspective. If that doesn’t sit right with you, please follow another page that supports your beliefs. I will no longer tolerate rudeness. Many thanks, Somi ?#meatlessmonday #flexitarian



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