Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry – 1. You’re not eating enough protein. In a stu…

Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry

?1. You’re not eating enough protein. In a study from Obesity Society found that men who ate 25% of their calories from protein for 12 weeks experienced a 50% reduction in their desire for late night snacks

?2. You’re not sleeping enough. Sleep deprivation is known to cause fluctuations in your hunger hormone levels and may leave you feeling hungry more frequently.

?3. You’re eating too many refined carbs. Refined carb lack fiber and cause blood sugar fluctuations.

?4. Your diet is too low in fat. Fat plays important role on slowing digestion and increasing the production of fullness promoting hormones

?5. You’re not drinking enough water. You might be just thirsty, not hungry. So when you feel hungry, have yorself a glass of water!

?️‍♂️6. You exercise a lot. Those who regularly exercise at high intensity or for long durations tend to have greater appetites and faster metabolism.

?7. You’re drinking too much alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause you to feel hungry frequently due to its role in decreasing the production of hormones that prmote fullness

?8. You drink your calories. Liquid food don’t have same effects on keeping you full and satidfied as solid foods do. For this reason, you may feel hungry frequntly if liquids are a major part of your diet

?9. You’re overly stressed. Excessive stress is a reason why you may be hungry frequently, given its ability to increase cortisol levels in the body.

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