Reflecting on the words and artwork of Mimi Moffie @mimimoffie-“ -Saying “I don’…


💕Reflecting on the words and artwork of Mimi Moffie @mimimoffie-“ -Saying “I don’t See Color” disregards the existence of anti-blackness. –
I have been thinking a lot about this notion of ‘not seeing color.’ As someone who was born and raised on the island of Jamaica 🇯🇲, and who straddles different cultures, I might be tempted to think or even say that I am someone who does not see color. But this is simply not true. Nor is it helpful. We all see color. Our goal here is NOT to try to be color-blind. It is to reflect on the fact that each of us, no matter our color, have preconceived notions and expectations about different racial groups. ‘Saying you don’t see color disregards the privilege and power of the dominant racial group of society, therefore diminishing feelings of bias, prejudice, and racism experienced by people of color.’
🖤I have been taking the time to reflect and further educate myself over the past week on how to be a better ally. I am learning that I still have a lot more learning to do! One of the most helpful resources I have found on how to be an ally is the most recent IGTV video by Ivirlei @ivirlei . It helped me so much. Thank you Ivirlei🙏🏼.
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