Simple Swaps at the Coffee Shop! ⠀ Hi hi! Do you love coffee? Cause I do! But dr…


?Simple Swaps at the Coffee Shop!?

??Hi hi! Do you love coffee? Cause I do! But drinking liquid calories is one of the easiest ways to sabotage your fat loss efforts. And coffee is a sneaky one! ?

☕️Black coffee is only 0-5 calories. BUT… did you know that once you start adding milk, sweeteners, and whipped cream, you could end up consuming as many calories as you would for a whole meal?!

?If you’re someone who loves milk and sugar in your coffee but are trying to lose fat, here are some options to make it a lower calorie choice so you stay in a calorie deficit. ⠀
?THE MILK: most coffee drinks include whole milk or at least 2% milk, lots of added calories!

☝?THE FIX? Switch to skim milk, almond milk, coconut or soy milk to save 50-100 calories.

?THE SUGAR: lots of coffees are loaded with sugar, sometimes without you asking! 1 pump of sweetener is +/- 20 calories. Drinks usually have 2-6 pumps (that’s 40-120 calories of sugar!).

☝?THE FIX? Ask for the sugar free version (if you’re against artificial sweeteners, then sorry, can’t help you). You can also add the green packets of Whole Earth sweetener, Splenda or stevia in favor of real sugar. ⠀
?THE TOPPINGS: Skip the whipped cream, caramel or chocolate sauces, or sprinkles of toffee. This can save you 50-150 calories per drink.

?? If you really want your favorite drink, you can always order a smaller size to save calories or eat less throughout the day to stay in a calorie deficit!
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