So….the word on the ‘streets’ right now is to avoid rice because it is contami…


So….the word on the ‘streets’ right now is to avoid rice because it is contaminated with arsenic 🙄 First of all, not rice contains high levels of arsenic, the main problem is with rice grown in certain parts of the USA. Rice grown in other regions do not contain the same level of poisoning.
While I’ll continue to eat rice, I just want to say something to those of you who have decided to give it up, or who are still on the fence about what to do. I can almost guarantee that you pick every single food item you currently eat and do some research on it, you’ll find at least one reason why it is harmful. Secondly, the majority of the soil in our planet is contaminated. If not not animal waste, then from chemical pollutants of some sort.. so there is no way in hell that every food we are eating does not contain some form of contamination. Heck even the vegetables we eat are contaminated.. the research has probably just not been conducted to make it ‘official’.
If you’re going to avoid everything as soon as it is confirmed that is contaminated, please be prepared to live on air… which by the way is also contaminated with all sorts of carcinogens….just saying 🙃
Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go ahead and eat rice or any other food that is known to contain dangerously high amounts of toxins. I’m just saying you should make a rational decision..
On a lighter note, you know how they say when you crave something, your body is deficient in something? So the amount of chilli I’m eating right now is ridiculous! I put at least 4 teaspoons of hot chilli powder in the mushroom stew and yes I am going to eat that chilli in the bowl.. what could I possibly be deficient in? 🤔
Have a great evening lovelies 🌹 #veganbysomi




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