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Did you know that misshapen fruits and vegetables that don’t meet UK supermarket standards typically get wasted? It is such a shame because apart from contributing to greenhouse emissions, over half a million people in the UK alone rely on food banks, so throwing away perfectly edible produce is sad and ridiculous.

I was quite excited when @oddboxldn reached out to me to spread the word about their mission to reduce food waste. The company sources misshapen (wonky) and excess fruits and vegetables from local farms across the UK, pack them into recyclable boxes and deliver them at a fair price straight to your door. They also donate up to 10% of the food they source to charities and people who need it the most.

Oddbox sources and delivers a range of food including leeks, parsnips, ?, asparagus, ? and salad ? . The box I received #ad contained an enormous courgette, ?, ?, ?, cauliflower, brown onions, pink grapefruit,??, sorrel salad (which I’ve never had), red lettuce, ? and some easy-peeler ?. All of the produce tasted delicious even though some of them looked a little strange. I was scared to eat the courgette if I’m honest, I’ve never seen anything that size. Swipe left to ?

UPDATE: @oddboxldn has kindly provided a coupon code SOMIODD50 to my audience. You can get 50% off your first box. This is not an affiliate code ?

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