“Surely a couple of biscuits a day won’t make me fat or impact progress?” Well, …

“Surely a couple of biscuits a day won’t make me fat or impact progress?” Well, not overnight. But (as you can see), it’s all dependent on the bigger picture… Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Things snowball. –

Do biscuits ruin your calorie deficit or create a calorie surplus? No. But it becomes problematic if you’re trying to lose fat, whilst blindly eating calorie dense foods you don’t even remember. Consider all of the other variables that take place in the world of thermodynamics… –

Balance and inclusion of all foods you like is essential to sustain any weight change, but only if you are accountable and aware. It is incredibly easy to over consume calorie dense snacks, especially at work during the dreaded meetings, or when you’re bored. Everyone else is eating biscuits and let’s face it – biscuits are delicious. –

The biscuits in this graphic represent any small amount of food which possesses a lot of calories for its size, satiety level and nutritional worth. Therefore the likelihood of consuming multiple portions increases – and so do the calories. –

More examples: 1 quality street – really? How about 8 (approx 500 calories in 2 minutes).
1 cookie? What about 3 and 650 calories in 5 minutes…. Hopefully, if anything this post might make you aware of your very own trigger food which could be the cause of weight gain/lack of progress.

Eat biscuits and any favourite food often – because you like them. But make them fit your goal. If you normally eat 6 biscuits per day, reduce it to 4… or 3…. or 1. If you normally drink 2 glasses of wine every day, maybe have 1… If you normally eat 3 chocolate bars each day, maybe have 2. Maybe move a bit more too…

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A simple post with basic arithmetic you say? But that’s literally what it boils down to at the end of the day. That and using our most basic intellect ?.

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