Tag a mate who’s going out this weekend, hit save and stay informed – –Whilst…


Tag a mate who’s going out this weekend, hit save and stay informed ???

Whilst my heading is technically misleading in that alcohol as a single organic compound can never be ‘low calorie’, common reference to alcoholic drinks will always be done so through the term ‘alcohol’. For those pedantic nutritionists/scientist out there, this post should probably go under the alias of ‘low calorie drinks containing alcohol’. But you’d fall asleep before completing the heading… So f*ck that. –

Whilst alcohol is not a macronutrient like protein, carbohydrate and fat, it still contains energy. 7 calories per gram to be exact. Given it’s calorie density, it’s easy to understand how alcohol related calorie consumption can accumulate.

The absence of nutritional value from these calories means that no potential behavioural benefits arise from its consumption (apart from the ability to turn in to a courageous sleaze or superstar DJ). Though there is evidence to suggest that the thermogenic response during alcohol digestion is around 20% of total calories. However, considering the intricacies of TEF with regard to alcohol usage is pretty futile when you’re 12 deep at 3am, dragging you legs along the pavement with ripped jeans, one shoe and an imminently collapsing kebab.

If fat loss or maintenance is the goal, surely it’s worth considering drinks which taste the same/very similar, but have a reduced calorie worth. In most cases, the alcohol density remains the same, but changes to additional ingredients lower the overall calorie value. –

This way you can still socialise, have fun and relax, but you can also get closer to your fitness goal at the same time?.

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