The best and worst foods to eat when you’re sick – Here are foods that you shoul…

The best and worst foods to eat when you’re sick

Here are foods that you should stick with:

?1. Broth-Based Soup. Soups like chicken soup is a good source of fluids, calories, protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s also a matural decongestant and may block cells that cause coughing and stuffy nose

?2. Hot tea. Natural bacteria-fighting compounds in tea help the body fight off infection

?3. Citrus fruits. Studies from National Institutes of Health found that vitamis C in citrus fruits helps recuce the lenght and severity of colds

?4. Popsicles. Popsicles are great as a different way to hydrate and are especially easy on the throat. If you can make your own, great! If not, stick with those fruity ones that are low in sugar.

?5. Honey. It has antibacterial effects and stimulates the immune system. It also helps relieve coughing.

?6. Spicy foods. They contain capsaicin, which can help break up mucus. When consuming spicy foods, your body will naturally loosen the mucus and phlegm that is clogging your body, and you might be able to breathe a little better

NOW!, these might not be your best choice:

?1. Sweets. Higher sugar intake can suppresssnthe immune system and cause inflammation

?2. Fatty foods. Foods high in fat can be more difficult to digest and can trigger stomach pains

?3. Dairy. Many studies show that dairy is linked with increased mucus production which might worsen congestion when you’re sick

☕️4. Coffee. The caffeine is a diuretic, so it can make you pee a lot and leave you dehydrated. Being dehydrated is a really bad thing especially when you’re sick.

?5. Crunchy snacks. The abrasive texture of snacks like chips, granola, or even crispy toast will feel like sandpaper on your raw throat

?6. Alcohol. Like coffee, is a diuretic that can worsen illness-related dehydration

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