(The caption of this post is way more important than the visual) ⠀ The intent of…


(The caption of this post is way more important than the visual🧡)

The intent of this post is NOT to say that any of these 2 options are better/worse than the other. I’m not trying to promote “diet-culture” or anything like that, actually I’m doing the opposite. This is just a topic that I personally struggled with & so I’m simply sharing my own experiences 😊👍

One of the big things that “I am not about” is the whole thing of saying “eat this” “not that” because this is “ #clean ” and this is “guilty” and this is “guilt free” and this is “dirty” or any of those UNDEFINABLE words. Basically placing restrictions on yourself based on made up beliefs. I don’t wanna raz anyone using those words because they can be used in the right context where it makes sense. However, when it comes to making progress (whether that is #gaining #weight , #losingweight , improving your performance etc.) what really matters is the net/net of your whole #diet , not if this #protein bar you’re about too #eat is made with #raw ingredients or not.

So what I’m trying to show with this visual, is that if you simply focus on #eating as “clean” or “healthy” as possible without paying attention to your overall #calorie /macronutrient intake you are
1. Putting unnecessary restrictions on yourself (cuz guess what ? You can still eat #pizza & reach your #goal 🤯) and
2. You are just guessing that you are eating the right amount of #food (according to your goal) without actually knowing.

Does that mean you should weigh out/ track everything you eat?.. no not necessarily, but levelling up your knowledge about calories will put you in a place where you can easier control your progress without putting restrictions on yourself. I get the whole intuitive eating trend and I’m all for it (I eat pretty intuitively myself) but there is a difference between counting calories tediously vs leveling up ur knowledge about cals/#macros and by doing so u’ll be in a better position to make choices that bring u towards your #goals .! Long captions are back I guess🤣 hope this was helpful, love u if u read all this❤️!
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My name is Bette. I'm a 34 year old female from Turkey. My occupation is a website designer and I work from a home office. I have struggled with my weight since puberty. Still figuring out.

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