This? Is kinda bull sh*t.Post credit to . What a single meal …

This? Is kinda bull sh*t.Post credit to
What a single meal …

This?? Is kinda bull sh*t.?

Post credit to
What a single meal or snack looks like doesn’t determine weight gain, loss or maintenance.?‍♀️ And two people could eat the same thing and have different outcomes. I get the point that people are trying to get across when making these posts but they’re problematic and here is why?
If you’re wrapped up in diet culture and following crazy food rules or “lifestyles” there is a good chance you’re not eating enough.‼️Either food overall or certain types of foods. ?? Your body wants to get to a place of being adequately nourished so it’s going to ask for MORE food. But when we see these posts we get scared that if our plate looks like the “weight gain” plate that we will, well, gain.?And society has told us that’s a no-no.?‍♀️(totes not true btw) So we do our darndest to make sure our plate doesn’t look like that. And that? ?Will likely lead you to the restrict-binge-cycle. The merry-go-round that no one wants to be on.?
And so what if you gain weight? ?‍♀️ If that’s what your body needs in order to function properly it needs to happen and it doesn’t mean you’ll become unhealthy (really).❤️ If health is your goal you have to really ask yourself if you’re pursuing health or thinness. They’re not the same. ?‍♀️ Thin does not equal healthy.
These posts can cause a lot of food fear, in my opinion. And a lot of guilt. ? Society has made it clear that weight gain is “bad” (even though this is a lie to make the diet industry more rich?) so if we eat the “gain” plate does that mean we are bad? Answer? No. But we might feel that way. And it also doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to gain weight. ?‍♀️ It literally just means you’re eating food and that’s it.

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OH! And PS ? gain, maintenance and loss all happen w/ IE depending what your body needs!



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