Today’s lunch and snack!⠀ Credit @fitwomeneat ⠀ .⠀ I have been waking up around …


Today’s lunch and snack!⠀
Credit @fitwomeneat ✨⠀
I have been waking up around 6 am lately to do more work done in the mornings! I feel more productive in the mornings so it really helps me get sh*t done! Are you a morning or evening person❓⠀
⏰To save me some time from cooking I prefer to cook usually one week worth of food these days!⠀
⬇️Which are⬇️⠀
▪️About 8 pounds of chicken thigh for two!⠀
Simply boil thighs in a large pot add salt at the end and serve them into containers with its drained juice! Place half of it in the freezer!⠀
▪️3-4 days worth of rice and quinoa for two!⠀
Cook them with leftover chicken stock!!!!⠀
▪️Sliced red cabbages soaked in the white vinegar +sauerkraut.⠀
Usually add this on top or side of my dishes for sourness and make sure I eat veggies (which I almost never have a problem with).⠀
▪️1-2 pounds of ground turkey, cooking with veggies such as white cabbages, onions, spinach, carrots etc.. Place half of them in the freezer.⠀
Making sure I get both protein and vegetables in one meal without even have to think about it!⠀
▪️Big green salad and coleslaw.⠀
As a side of my dishes to get more veggies in. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil, ACV, sprinkle pink salt and black pepper.⠀
☝?You can make too many combinations with all these and seriously, you don’t have to cook ever again for the whole week! Except rice and quinoa but you can also freeze them if you like. I like freshly cooked rice and quinoa after the day 4.⠀
??Hope this was helpful!⠀
?Have a beautiful day!?




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