What are your go-to menu items when you’re at Italian restaurant? – Ways to Cut …

?What are your go-to menu items when you’re at Italian restaurant?

?Ways to Cut Calories at Italian Restaurants

?Don’t butter your bread! If you do have bread, opt for oil, not butter as a topping. According to a Cornell University Study of 341 diners about oil vs. butter, olive oil users ate 23 percent less bread at their meal than those using butter.

?Soup as a starter. You’ll still get major Mediterranean flavor without all the guilt.

?Stay away from lunch meats. Italian lunchmeats like prosciutto and mortadella are loaded with fat and sodium and are high in calories, too.

?Order whole wheat pasta. Whole grain pasta may or may not have fewer calories than the refined white variety, but the extra fiber will fill you up and offer more satisfaction in a smaller portion size.

?Say no to fettuccine Alfredo and Carbonara. It’s not the pasta that’s so rich in this recipe; it’s the heavy Alfredo sauce made of butter, Parmesan cheese and sometimes eggs or starch.

?Choose fish. Many Italian dishes have good-for-you, low-cal seafood like shrimp and clams.

?Stay away from stuffed pastas. Eat them and you’ll be stuffed with extra calories and extra fat from cheeses and other fillers.

?Order pizza but make it healthy. Who says you can’t eat pizza and still stay on track? Choose whole wheat, thin-crust pizza and opt for veggies over meats as toppings. Don’t eat the whole pizza, either.

?Order grilled meats, not breaded ones. Order grilled chicken instead of chicken Parmesan. You’ll savor the flavor and save calories at the same time.

?Get yourself a glass of red wine
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