What kind of meal prep containers should I buy? Creds to @workweeklunch That’s a…


?What kind of meal prep containers should I buy?
Creds to @workweeklunch✨
?That’s a question I get A LOT and I want to share some info with you about containers today.
1. Before you start meal prepping you NEED to invest in containers. Preferably glass of BPA-free plastic ones.
2. You can grab plastic containers in your grocery store. They’re cheap and safe, but don’t last as long compared to other ones.
3. But if you want to order containers online, check my bio link for my full post with recommendations and where to buy them
4. Plastic is perfectly safe to use despite the hype (never buy into hype, friends). Just make sure you see the number 1, 2, 4 or 5 on the bottom of the plastic container. That means it’s safe. Most containers have the number 5. Numbers 3, 6 and 7 ARE NOT safe to use. The number indicates the type of plastic it is. Now you’ll know what to look for!
5. If plastic containers crack or break, throw them out. They’re no longer safe.
?No matter what you use, reusable meal prep containers helps reduce your waste A TON and that’s something I can always get behind.
❓What’s your favorite brand of container?? Tell me below – your recommendations will come in handy!




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