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?When you’re fighting a cold or flu, eating or drinking may be the last thing on your mind, but there are some natural remedies that can help to give your immune system a boost!

✅ Chicken or Veggie Stock: hydration and packed with lots of vitamins, minerals and is a decongestant when it’s consumed hot
✅ Chicken Soup: protein, lots of healing qualities due to its high cysteine content, known to be anti-viral and anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants
✅ Garlic: antibacterial, anti-fungal and great for boosting immunity
✅ Electrolytes: provides you with extra fluids and salt, magnesium and potassium which can be missing if you have a fever or are sweating a lot/have diarrhea
✅ Hot Tea: acts as a natural decongestant and clears the sinuses of mucus. contains polyphenols which reduce inflammation, bacteria and viruses
✅ Honey: high antibacterial properties and can boost immune system, contains lots of antimicrobial compounds to help suppress cough
✅ Ginger: aids with nausea and reduces inflammation
✅ Tumeric: contains curcumin which has healing properities and helps with colds, headache and sore throat, and is one of the most potent disease-fighting spices
✅ Spicy Foods: contain high amounts of capsaicin which can help to break up mucus and reduce coughing

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