What’s your favourite cheat meal?There are 4 main components of your total da…

What’s your favourite cheat meal? ?

There are 4 main components of your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), BMR, thermic effect of food & activity thermogenesis (Poehlman 1989). The last being split up into either energy expenditure that is intentional (PA) ie. your workouts & energy expenditure of all activities other than planned sporting‐like exercise ie. nonexercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).

While one would presume that on a fat loss phase, PA be most important, it actually ISN’T as NEAT can contribute more to your TDEE than PA alone (15-50% vs 15-30% respectively)(Aragon et al 2017). So where am I getting at? If you watched my story (it’s in my “knowledge” highlights”) you’ll have seen that I preached about standardising NEAT before contemplating adding in any formal cardio, here is why.

NEAT has shown to vary 2000kcal/day for 2 adults of similar size (Levine 2007) therefore, if you are NOT tracking your NEAT, you could be missing out on 2000kcal worth of expenditure & thus be in a HUGE surplus (obviously an extreme example). So let me ask you this, all of the meals pictured are 1000-2000kcal. Would you track them when dieting? OF COURSE, you would so why not do the same for NEAT!

Furthermore, it is well known that during food deprivation (as when dieting), the conservation of energy becomes a priority & thus we exhibit adaptive physiological & biochemical responses to reduce energy expenditure (Wang et al 2006). Well, this mostly happens via reductions in NEAT with Leibel & Hirsch (1995) reporting up to a 51% decrease! Just another several 100kcals not accounted for by not maintaining CONSISTENT NEAT lvls.

Fix? TRACK & STANDARDISE your NEAT! While it may be impossible to track the energy burned from fidgeting, maintaining posture etc, what you CAN standardise is STEPS so before you complain about not losing weight and/or before you start adding in any formal cardio to create a deficit, be sure you are hitting a CONSISTENT step goal DAILY.

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