When it comes to snacks, are you Team Sweet or Team Savory? Post by @eat.well.t…


When it comes to snacks, are you Team Sweet or Team Savory? 🍫🥨🤷‍♀️
Post by @eat.well.together ✨💚

Lately I have had the biggest SWEET TOOTH- not that there’s anything wrong with that! Craving chocolate or sweets is a NORMAL part of being human- it’s satisfying, comforting, and brings joy to a lot of people. But all too often we convince ourselves of being “bad” for wanting a sweet snack.
True, when we crave and eat sweets, or any food for that matter, from a place of shame and guilt, it more likely starts a cycle of restriction and ultimately bingeing. But if we find ways to WELCOME sweets and mindfully incorporate chocolate, a craving’s hold over us loosens and we learn that we CAN enjoy it whenever and however we want.
Sometimes I want to satisfy my craving with solo squares of chocolate, but other times I like to play with it and dip apple slices into the melty good stuff. Sure, I’m getting a bit more fiber and nutrition thanks to the apple, but either form is a GREAT way to honor that craving.
If you’re working on satisfying your sweet tooth, save this recipe 👇
🍫 over a doubler boiler or in the microwave melt chocolate chips. Stir frequently until smooth
🍎 cut apple into slices. Dip ends of apples into melted chocolate, set on wax paper, sprinkle with unsweetened coconut chips or flakes
⏲ place in fridge for 10 minutes for chocolate to harden, then ENJOY! I’m enjoying my sweet treat over the next two days ☺️
SHARE with me how you satisfy a sweet craving!
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