Whenever I post a bowl with pasta, I get at least one comment or one DM telling …

Whenever I post a bowl with pasta, I get at least one comment or one DM telling me that pasta is processed and it is not a whole food. While I agree, pasta has some unique attributes that make it healthier in certain aspects than some whole foods?

Pasta (white and whole grain) doesn’t raise your blood sugar levels as much foods like potatoes (including sweet potatoes) and white rice when you eat it. i.e. it has a lower glycemic index than some whole foods. Gram for gram, pasta also has a higher protein content than most grains.

The protein content of white and wholegrain pasta are practically the same, and their effect on blood sugar levels are very similar, so I don’t discriminate between white pasta and whole grain pasta. I buy both and eat whichever one I feel like eating on a given day.

I find that I stay satisfied for more extended periods after eating pasta than I do after eating any type of potato. I could be weird, but hey, that’s the truth. With all of that said, I have no intention of giving up pasta anytime soon, processed or not. I never said I was perfect; I’m only doing my best ?

In my bowl, fusilli pasta, kidney bean stew and sautéed ? mushrooms with greens ?

P.S. I’ve seen the requests for the recipe of my curried chickpeas, thank you so much for all the ?. I’m writing it, and I hope to have it up on my blog tomorrow ?? #veganbysomi



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