Which one of these would YOU pick to snack on? Let me know in the comments! by @…

Which one of these would YOU pick to snack on? 🤔Let me know in the comments!👇👇 by @no.food.rules⠀
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Knowing what to snack on can be confusing. 😫One of my 1:1 clients recently sent me a message while she was out-and-about saying she was stressin’ over what to buy as a snack. Sweet potato chips or Cheez-Its? 🤯One was “healthier”, should she pick that one? But would that be succumbing to diet culture and what she “should” be doing? Can you relate to this frustrating confusion!? 😥I messaged her right back (I give my clients the highest level of support in my program🙌🏻) & said, girlfriend, what do YOU want & which one will satisfy you? If the “healthier” option will do it for you, by all means, pick that option. But if you’re REALLY hankering for the Cheez-Its, pick those. Why? If you pick the chips you won’t be satisfied. 🙅‍♀️Your mind will keep thinking of the cheesy flavor 🧀& you’re likely to over eat on the “healthier” one trying to satisfy that cheesy desire- which WON’T happen, leaving you frustrated. 🙄This started to make sense to her. 🧐How to honor your health but also your cravings. Don’t automatically pick the “unhealthy” version because #foodfreedom. Pick the healthier version if it will satisfy you just as much, but pass on it for the things you REALLY love.⠀
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For example, I’m not a salty-snack kinda gal, so I’d pick the sweet potato chips. 🤷‍♀️They’d “do it” for me. BUT, when it comes to dessert, say, berries VS ice cream, 99% of the time heck NO would I pick the healthier option, the berries. ‘Cause I’m a sweet tooth kinda gal and want the ice cream🍦 (if you watch my stories you KNOW🤣) If I had berries I’d constantly think about the ice cream & likely eat tons of berries trying to satisfy my craving, which just wouldn’t happen- they’re NOT the same.⠀
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Balancing food freedom AND honoring your health is what No Food Rules is all about. ❤️THAT is how you live your best, most enjoyable and healthiest (mentally and physically!) life! Ready to make that your reality, too? Join the amazing group of Food Rules Breakers inside the No Food Rules ‪in 30 Days‬ e-course [link in bio] and learn how to find that balance for yourself!



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