Which side would you pick?! by @no.food.rules ⠀ let me know in the comments!⠀ . …

Which side would you pick?! by @no.food.rules ⠀
let me know in the comments!⠀
. …

Which side would you pick?!? by @no.food.rules ✨⠀
let me know in the comments!???⠀
. ⠀
Spoiler alert: These are both FINE choices. ?‍♀️ What matters most is the “why” behind your choice. Are you picking the bun because you think that’s what you’re supposed to do with food freedom, or because you actually enjoy it? ?Are you picking the lettuce wrap because you think carbs are bad, or because the bun just doesn’t “do it” for you and rather eat more of the fries you DO love? The why is what matters most, in my opinion.⠀
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Your choice might look different than someone else’s and that’s okay! ?Everyone’s food freedom looks different, to be honest. I mean, you’ve literally got different bodies, with different needs, of course it does! ? It’s so easy to see what other people are eating who have adapted a life of food freedom and no food rules and think we need to eat just like them…but that’s not true. You do you. ??Whatever feels good. Whatever satisfies. Sometimes that takes a little experimenting to find out what that is. So, experiment away! ?Try the burger with a bun, try it with a lettuce wrap, what do YOU like better? And it can ebb and flow! One day you might want the bun, one day you might not!⠀
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One important thing to note is to not fool yourself into thinking you like the “healthier” version better. ?‍♀️A simple test to see is ask yourself “What would I do if the other option was the only one available? The one I see as “less healthy”? Would you be stressed? Get anxious? Not eat it? That likely signals a food rule.. Not a preference. Be honest with yourself!❤️

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