With the recent hype surrounding the documentary ‘The Game Changers’ we thought…


With the recent hype surrounding the documentary ‘The Game Changers’ ? we thought to share a different perspective to the comparative assumption made between animal protein sources and plant based protein sources. ? A plant based diet has a number of physical and environmental benefits and we fully support customisation to a plant based preference for our plant based clientele. ⚖️However, it can’t go unsaid that this documentary was a very one sided glorification of a diet that for the most part may not be sustainable for the vast majority of people and also may not be the answer to the many nutritional woes of today’s day and age. ⚠️ Given the political debate this topic can give way to, we will refrain from opening that can of worms though will encourage you to explore the very strong counter argument made by @biolayne in his evidence based review.⠀

We’ll leave you with this comparison which Layne highlights in the article is asinine given a ? peanut butter sandwich would have at least double the amount of calories as ? 3 eggs. Lean protein sources in comparison to plant based counterparts must be made in light of their context, that is caloric, fat and protein per quantity before being dubbed ‘the same’ or ‘better’. .⠀
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