You are told to replace processed snacks with fruit. This is mostly down to the …


You are told to replace processed snacks with fruit. This is mostly down to the universally agreed principle that fruit contains nutrients, fibre and is not as calorie and sugar dense as most processed, modified snacks. Therefore it’s consumption will benefit its host on many nutritional levels.

Despite the benefits fruit bring us, this example shows that diligence is still required. Here, 100g of one form of ‘fruit’ is 524 calories, yet 100g of another ‘fruit’ is 31 calories. –

Why are the banana chips much higher in calories? It’s a very simple answer. Fresh banana gets 70% of its weight from water, whereas dried bananas lose around 95% of water content, making them a far more concentrated calorie source. Essentially, per 100g, you’re eating the calorie worth of what would be around 5 fresh bananas. The same applies to all dried fruit. –

Banana chips are also different from dried banana. These chips are dehydrated, but also coated in oil and contain additional cane sugar. This further escalates their calorie/sugar profile. Pertinently, several of the calories present in banana chips do not derive from the actual fruit itself. –

If fat loss or sugar reduction is the goal, one is better placed to regularly consume fresh fruits, as opposed to dried/modified versions. Although a food group such as fruit contains nutrients, awareness about its nutritional properties is still required. Blind consumption of any food can stall progress or cause regress.

– “But I snack on fruit”… yes but fruit still contains calories and sugar. The former being the definitive mediator in fat loss, gain or maintenance. Therefore, if one is aspiring for compositional change, it is always a good idea for them to study the nutritional values of the food they consume. Even if that food belongs to a particularly ‘healthful’ family ?

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