3 Day Diet (Military Diet) Review

Now this diet plan must have been developed by an ice cream lover. Now I am all for ice cream, but this diet insists that you eat one cup of ice cream at dinner time, and one half cup the other two days. It does tell you to use a specific brand. The main thing the 3 day diet says is you will lose up to forty pounds in a month if you follow the menu for three days and then resume eating the way you did before.This doesn’t sound like a diet that is capable of contributing to weight loss. The menu on the first day starts with breakfast then on to lunch and then dinner. Now this diet says you have to eat exactly what it says. This won’t be a problem if you like cantaloupe, beets, tuna, broccoli, eggs, crackers, cheese bananas, apples, toast and coffee. You have to drink plenty of water during the day also.

This 3 day diet plan says you will lose ten pounds in three days if you follow this for three days before resuming a normal eating habit. Then after four days, go back to the 3 day diet program again for another ten pound weight loss. Repeat this for one month and it says you will lose up to forty pounds.

I don’t think you’ll find yourself starving with this plan, but a streak or hamburger will be out of the question for three days. When you go back to a normal eating routine, you should not over indulge yourself. Now this plan doesn’t say anything about exercise but you may need to tone your body a little after losing that amount of weight.

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There is as much negativity to this diet as well as positive comments. To think that a diet of this type could account for ten pounds of weight loss a week, by dieting three days and normal eating for four days is a little hard to believe. On the other hand if the foods are healthy enough to speed up your metabolism, it may just be possible to achieve success.

Because everyone is different, it may work for some people and it may not work for others. The decision can only be made if you decide to try the 3 day diet plan and see result s or not. The choice whether you can accomplish this or not will come from you.


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