South Beach Diet Review

The South Beach diet plan works with carbohydrates and good fats. This is not a low carbohydrate diet like some others are. This type of diet has three steps that lead to weight reduction. The plan may be a little harder to follow, but the results will be rewarding.The first step is to cut out all the foods that have bad fats. This can be bread, cereals, sugar and potatoes to name a few. By eliminating these bad fats from your diet, you can lose weight, but the actual amount can only be determined by you. Every body’s insulin resistance is going to be different. This step is to be done for two weeks.

The next step is to slowly start eating grain foods and fruits. You need to add these foods back into your diet in moderate amounts. But you still need to look at foods with a low glycemic index. Once you have achieved the weight loss you desire, you can move to the next step.

This can be the confusing part of the South Beach diet. You are now supposed to have whole grains and fruits daily, but only three servings each. So in step two it appears you should be consuming less than three servings of grains and fruits. With this diet you are encouraged to eat until you’re full and not to worry about calories.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this diet plan, but it has an endorsement from Kraft Foods. You should still be cautious when starting any diet plan; you need to have all the facts about such a diet. There was a study done with a group of about fifty-four people that ended with good results. This should not be considered a complete study due to the low amount of people participating.

Some of the foods you’ll be able to eat while on the South Beach diet are fish, chicken, and other meats. You are also able to have cheese, vegetables and eggs. With this diet you also need to drink plenty of water. There is one thing you can’t have while on the diet plan and that is alcoholic beverages. After you completing the first step in two weeks can, then you drink wine.

The South Beach diet should be done exactly the way it is intended in order to be effective. After the first two steps, it says you should have loss all the weight you wanted to lose and then you can move to the third step which should help you maintain your weight loss.

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