Dukan Diet Side Effects : Read This Before You Start The Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet does have side effects. The Dukan diet promises fast weight loss and no food cravings. Due to the high protein and low carb menu dieters will see rapid weight loss without feeling hungry. Protein rich diets like the Dukan diet will come with side effects. This article will help you deal with the side effects making your Dukan diet experience a happy one.

Dr. Pierre Dukan, the French nutritionist who created the Dukan diet, knew from experience that motivation was the key to a successful diet. Unpleasant side effects to a diet regime will result in a loss of motivation as fast as the loss in weight. The Dukan diet is really four diets, each designed to pass the dieter through four stages of weight loss: two diets to rapidly lose weight and two diets to ensure that this weight doesn’t rapidly pile back on. These phases in themselves minimize the typical side effects experienced by dieters.

However, because of the high protein menu, followers of the Dukan diet can experience unpleasant side effects if they do not take steps to prevent them. The answer is simple: drink more water.

When protein is digested it leaves behind waste products like uric acid. If this acid is not flushed out of the system the kidneys can not function probably. The side effects? Possible kidney stones and gout. The good news, simply drinking water will help the kidneys do their important works.

The low quantities of fruit and vegetables in the early phases of the Dukan diet can lead to constipation – an unpleasant side effect to be sure. The answer? Drinking plenty of water. Three tablespoons of oat bran are to be eaten daily, failing to do this could result in constipation. If things get uncomfortable some wheat flakes can be added to the diet. However drinking water is essential.

A third side effect of the Dukan diet, often experienced in the early stages of the diet, is tiredness. With tiredness comes irritability and snapping at family, friends and co-workers. Fortunately, this period of tireness usually passes after the first couple of days. Knowing that this side effect may occur, means that you are forewarned. The solution is to take things easy when on a protein only phase to minimize fatigue. The second thing to do is to anticipate the tiredness and try to avoid stressful situations. If these situations are unavoidable, take steps to relax yourself and avoid arguments!

There are some side effects that come with the Dukan diet. There is a price to pay for changing your eating habits – even if you are changing for the good. These simple steps can help you minimize the unpleasant aspects of the Dukan diet and let you enjoy your weight loss.

Weight loss is a major concern for many people. An effective diet allows for the psychological needs of the dieter. The Dukan diet offers fast weight loss, without calorie counting or feelings of hunger. Thanks to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen – as well as 1.5 million successful dieters in France – the Dukan diet secret is getting out!


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