What exactly would you like to understand regarding the Dukan Diet program to get quick weight loss

What exactly would you like to understand regarding the Dukan Diet program to get quick weight loss

Once you have to shed pounds, why pick the Dukan Diet? Also termed the Dukan regime, the protein diet plan or the Dukan approach – the Dukan Diet is really a super well-liked new French diet plan that incorporates a protein heavy regime having a long-term sensible approach for maintaining bodyweight loss.

The number 1 reason to pick the Dukan Diet regime is to ‘mincir’ as they say in French, to slim down or eliminate weight. If you want to shed kilos and get for your slimmest and sexiest bodyweight, the Dukan Diet is an all-inclusive diet that lets you consume flavorful genuine food and still lose bodyweight fast and maintain it off.

The method was created by French physician Pierre Dukan. He advised a patient who was also a pal to take in only lean protein and drink water when the pal asked his advice about losing bodyweight quick. Although he had no background in nutrition, the results were incredibly successful. Pierre Dukan became interested in nutrition and weight loss at that point and has continued to help individuals slim down or mincir for decades. For thirty years of practice, he has helped individuals in France eliminate fat and get slim and now his method is gaining huge popularity inside the U.K. Now, it’s time for the U.S. to get this French diet plan secret that has been a secret for too long.

The Dukan Technique works in four distinct stages – the strike phase, the cruise section, consolidation and also the stabilization stage.

During the attack stage, you stick to a strict protein diet regime. Unlike the Atkin’s diet, heavy fats, butter and cream are to be avoided. Through the assault phase, you take in only lean meats, fish, shrimp, chicken, lobster, lean ham and lean beef. You can have herbs to season your foods generously too as non-fructose sweeteners.

High fat proteins and dairy products are not allowed throughout the strike stage. Eggs are fine but if cholesterol is a concern for you, limit the egg yolks during the assault stage.

Egg whites are a fantastic source of lean protein and needs to be enjoyed through the attack section with the dukan regime and throughout the diet. You eliminate most of the fat during the assault section.

During the Dukan Diet plan Cruise stage, you’ll be able to add in a lengthy list of Dukan approved vegetables on alternating days. You go back and forth between an all protein day, then a protein and vegetable day and so on. Remain in this phase until you’ve shed kilos to your desired objective bodyweight.

The consolidation stage is such an important section. How extended you may stay inside the consolidation phase is based on how many lbs you have lost throughout the assault and cruise phases. This is a healthy method to eliminate weight and preserve it off as Pierre Dukan noticed that most of his patients who had shed lbs struggled with that period after losing it and attempting to preserve it off. The consolidation section lets you add inside the foods you love to take in as directed by the Dukan Diet plan Menu. The objective is always to maintain your slim body for life.

In the stabilization section, Dr. Dukan instructs you to eat as you like, hopefully in moderation of course, six days a week. On the seventh day, you should go back for your attack section diet regime. For a single day each week, consume only lean protein just as inside the first section with the diet regime. Bear in mind, you will have learned tons of fantastic Dukan Diet plan recipes to make tasty and scrumptious protein recipes so hopefully this won’t be so poor.

Do not settle for cardboard fake food when you are dieting. Appreciate actual delicious food having a Dukan Diet regime menu.

Dukan diet the celebrity diet secret 5lbs in 5 days

The Dukan diet is fast growing in popularity. Why? The man behind the Dukan diet is Dr. Pierre Dukan a French nutrionist with over thirty years’ experience. His diet has already helped over a million women in French shed the pounds. Now superstars such as Jennifer Lopez, back in shape after having twins, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen are singing the praises of Dr Dukan and his diet secret. With his book being published in English in the next month, you can bet that the Dukan diet will become as well known as the Atkins. But what is so great about the Dukan diet?

The biggest asset of the Dukan diet is that Dr. Dukan has considered the psychological needs of the dieter. He knows that dieters want and need to see rapid results in their weight loss. He also knows that calorie-counting, food weighing and starvation lead to diet failure. The reason for this is simple. If you are unhappy about your size and go on a diet without quick and obvious results you feel down. If simply putting your lunch together means spending hours reading the labels on food products, weighing out the correct proportions and then after all that still feeling hungry – you are going to feel even more down and demoralized. When you start feeling hungry and depressed on your diet the comfort food starts up its siren song.

The Dukan diet involves four phases, and you can include more foods in each phase. In the third phase you can have two unrestricted meals a week. The fourth phase is simply eating protein only on one day of the week. Let’s take a closer look at the phases:

Dukan diet – Attack phase

This phase lasts from 2 to 7 days depending on your weight loss needs. As a rule of thumb, if you go on the Attack phase of the Dukan diet for 5 days you should see a weight loss of around 5lbs.

During this phase you can only eat high protein food such as:

– steak (all kinds except T-Bone, not fried, no sauces)
– chicken, turkey (grilled, or pre-cooked slices)
– fish (except batter or bread crumbed, not fried)
– shellfish (you can add vinegar)
– surimi (crabsticks)
– low fat cottage cheese or yogurt
– eggs (4 a week, not fried)

The good news is that you can eat as much as you want of these foods. So, you won’t feel hungry. Imagine being on a diet and eating as much steak as you want or a delicious plate of smoked salmon and cottage cheese. And as these foods are high protein you won’t need to eat a lot before your hunger disappears!

The second phase of the Dukan diet

You can now add vegetables (except starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, beans, etc) to the Dukan diet. You alternate protein only days with protein and vegetable days.

The third phase of the Dukan diet

You can now add fruit to the Dukan diet. As well as whole-wheat bread, cheese and potatoes. You can also eat two unrestricted meals a week including pudding!

The final phase of the Dukan diet

All you have to do now is dedicate one day a week to eating protein only. In France, the home of Dr. Dukan, Thursday is the day most people choose. If you go to restaurants on that day you can, I’ve been told, hear diners ordering their meals protein only.

Weight loss is a major concern for many people. An effective diet allows for the psychological needs of the dieter. The Dukan diet offers fast weight loss, without calorie counting or feelings of hunger. Thanks to celebrity endorsement from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen – as well as 1.5 million successful dieters in France – the Dukan diet secret is getting out!



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