Baked Corn Fries ohhhh yeahhhh. Crunchy on the outside creamy on the inside. Co…

Baked Corn Fries 🍟🍟🍟 ohhhh yeahhhh. Crunchy on the outside creamy on the inside. Cooked up some cornmeal, added my favorite herbs, waited a bit, cut that cornmeal into fries, and bake! Perfect side dish in place of the usual fries. Happy Sunday 🙃
What you need: 1 1/2 cups cornmeal (coarsely ground) 6 cups water, 2 tbl butter, 2 tbl nutritional yeast, 3 tbl chopped parsley, 1 tsp sea salt,2 tsp chopped fresh rosemary, 2 tsp fresh thyme, 1/2 tsp black pepper.
1️⃣ Soak cornmeal with water in large bowl for 2 hours 2️⃣ On stovetop, pour cornmeal & water into large saucepan, bring to a boil on high, then set to low stirring with a whisk every couple of minutes for about 30 min 4️⃣Turn off heat,add the rest of ingredients, mix well 5️⃣Pour mix onto parchment lined baking pan( 9×13 in, or similar size), let set for at least an hour until firm 6️⃣Cut into desired fry shape using knife( 3 in x 1/2 in wide) carefully place fries onto large parchment lined baking sheet, mist with oil 7️⃣Bake corn fries at 425 degrees for 30 min , flipping at the 20 minute mark. Add more seasoning in herbs if desired. Serve with your favorite fry dipping sauces. I served mine with sriracha mayo and ketchup/ sprinkled with furikake, & some chives. Swipe left and you will see how to cut out the fries & what they look 👀 like before baking 😊



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