Your meals don’t have to be complicated There’s a huge misconception I see with…

Your meals don’t have to be complicated ✨ There’s a huge misconception I see with most of my clients that meals have to be complicated, elaborate, or take a bunch of time, but this really isn’t the case ?‍♀️.
My top tips for making meals come together easier ?:
✨Prep the staples. These are things like brown rice, lentils (I often cook them together to save time), roasted chickpeas, baked tofu, roasted veggies and sweet potato.
✨Look for a whole grain, plant-protein, veggie, source of fat, and FLAVOR with each meal. When throwing something together quickly, this will make sure you’re left satisfied and full.
✨Utilize sauces. Even the plainest ingredients (i.e. these lentils, brown rice and steamed kale) can be completely transformed with a delicious sauce. I have a free easy vegan sauces ebook- click the link in my bio to get it and keep them on hand!
✨Put it in a sandwich. Sandwiches are an incredibly quick, easy option. Load them up with veggies, baked tofu, mashed chickpeas, hummus and/or avocado and you’re good to go! ?.
This meal is just brown rice and lentils cooked in veggie broth, steamed kale, and my lemon tahini sauce (from my free ebook- link in bio!). It left me feeling so energized for the rest of the afternoon and was SO delicious! ✨ What’re your go-to hacks for quick and easy meals?


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