Falling more and more in love with Tuesday’s one toast at a time (or two ) Woke …

Falling more and more in love with Tuesday’s one toast at a time (or two ?) Woke up craving all the toast, but not having all the time to make something. I went simple and sweet today with @artisanaorganics pecan butter, honey crisp slices, and @beekeepers_naturals chocolate honey. If you haven’t had that stuff, you’re seriously missing out! I’ve been adding a little to warm almond milk and it’s like hot chocolate ☕️ Happy #toasttueaday friends!
Quick side bar: last night when I was teaching yoga, one of my students told me she was there to burn off the thanksgiving calories. I laughed it off, but then spent the whole class thinking how sad that was, but I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about. Last year I would have said the same words out loud and meant them. I would have gone to the gym for an extra session to “reset” my body and burn it all off.
You shouldn’t have to earn your food or work your body extra hard to get rid of it. If you’re eating what you love, it shouldn’t be a cause of stress. You should enjoy what you’re eating and then workout only if you want to! Only if you’re craving that movement. Only if you’re doing it because it makes you happy.
These are things I’m honestly working on from week to week. It’s not always easy, but I’m always here if you want to talk it out! I know how hard it can be, I’ve been there and still am sometimes ??‍♀️ We’re all a work in progress ❤️

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