Good morning! I meant to share this with you guys yesterday, but I got way too e…

Good morning! I meant to share this with you guys yesterday, but I got way too excited about the cookies ? So this morning I’m sharing my #mealprepsunday that was really done on Saturday lol! You guys know how much I love a good meal prep and this week I was craving Mexican food. I wanted spicy roasted peppers and onions, ground turkey, chips, salsa, shredded lettuce, all of it ? This style of meal prep is just so easy and simple that it seriously takes less than an hour, no joke! I’ll share some of my tips below to make this the easiest meal prep you’ll ever have. Happy Tuesday everyone, go vote if you haven’t ❤️

Mexican themed meal prep tips:
1. Get your rice boiling! Rinse about 1 cup of white or brown rice and get it cooking because it takes the longest!
2. Chop up three to four peppers and one large onion. Mix them together in a bowl with a little avo oil and chili seasoning and bake them in the oven! Just stick them on a pan at 350 and they’ll be ready to go. You can even add a little broil at the end to make them crispy at the top ??
3. Cook your meat! Ground chicken or turkey literally takes less than five minutes. I cook mine in a little water and garlic seasoning to keep it moist
4. Make a little bowl of fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, etc so you can add them to your bowl throughout the week
5. SIDES! Get yourself some chips, tortillas, salsa, whatever! That way you can customize your bowl throughout the week.
Hope this helps ? Let me know if you have any questions!

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