Guys it’s so close to Friday I can practically taste it I really try to live in…

Guys it’s so close to Friday I can practically taste it ? I really try to live in the moment and not wish for a day to pass, but sometimes I just want it to the be the freakin weekend you know! I’m mixing it up this morning and giving yall savory for once. I love my sweet breakfasts more than anyone, but I do eat savory lunches (most of the time ?) This week my meal prep was one of my faves. I did something a little different and made quinoa and brown rice coconut “curry.” I also made my own kale chips, sweet potato and grilled onion hash, and soft boiled eggs. I seriously love soft boiled eggs because you get the nice runny yolk without the clean up of a poached egg. I didn’t measure anything for the curry, but I’ll write down the ingredents for yall! I just combined everything until it mostly resembled curry and I liked the flavor. I’ll get better about that, sorry guys ❤️ If you do end up trying to make it, feel free to message me if you need help and #bakedbychen. Have a great day friends!

Quinoa and brown rice coconut curry:
~ start with about 1 cup quinoa and brown rice uncooked (cook in boiling water for 30 minutes and let cool a little)
In a large, deep pan add:
~ cooked quinoa and brown rice combo
~ unsweetened coconut milk
~ @navitasorganics tumeric powder
~ 1 can (rinsed and dried) chickpeas ~ garlic and onion powder
~ black pepper
Mix constantly until most of the milk has boiled down and you’re left with a thick and soft mixture ?

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