Hi I’m Chen, the STUDIO ASSISTANT at @corepoweryoga in freaking New York City N…

Hi I’m Chen, the STUDIO ASSISTANT at @corepoweryoga in freaking New York City ?
Never in a million years did I ever think those words would come out of my mouth. I am honestly in disbelief at how I got to this point, but I am simultaneously so excited and so anxious about my future. The nerves are real, but they’re a good real. One of those pinch me kind of moments, you know?
To start my Sunday off right I want to share three things I’m grateful for right now. I challenge you to do the exact same thing either in your stories or just with yourself. Take the time to write them down or say them out loud, what three things light up your world in this very moment?
1. That I made the choice to wake up earlier and open up the studio for all the amazing students this morning ?
2. That I am going to spend the day Thrifting after I leave here
3. So thankful and grateful for this puffy coat that is keeping me warm. I am obsessed with all things cold-weather, including wearing my favorite winter gear. My outfit is brought to you by @fabletics and @corepoweryoga and how grateful am I for that ✨
Your turn, what’s fueling you?

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