I promised y’all some new recipes this week, so here’s the first one! I made min…

I promised y’all some new recipes this week, so here’s the first one! I made mini muffins and donuts using @avokween granola butter ? If you haven’t had a chance to try this butter out, you need to! Order yourself a jar (or 5) because it tastes like crushed cookies or teddy grahams. This recipe only has five ingredients (6 if you add the chocolate chips!) Its also totally gluten and dairy free ?? Something I’ve come to realize over time is that, even though I have some food restrictions, doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice flavor. Whenever I tell people I don’t eat gluten or dairy, they always ask if I miss baked goods or sweets or something else. My answer: heck no because there are so many great alternatives! If you have no problem with digestion, than you eat whatever makes your heart happy ? But if you cant eat certain foods, you don’t have to be miserable or suffer. Find what works for you, like maybe these mini muffins packed full of flavor ? Have a great Monday guys! Can’t wait to share more with y’all this week.

~ 1/2 cup @kweenandco granola butter (can be made with other nut butters, but HIGHLY recommend this one)
~ 2 eggs
~ 4 tbs coconut flour
~ 4 tbs applesauce
~ 1/4 tsp baking soda
~ @enjoylifefoods chocolate chips
Mix well and pour into desired shape! You can make these into cookies, but mini muffins and donuts have been my fave ? bake at 350 until it’s risen and golden brown! E n j o y ✨

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