Let’s talk meal prep: it’s important! So many of y’all ask me how I make time fo…

Let’s talk meal prep: it’s important! So many of y’all ask me how I make time for meal prep or how I decide what to make for the week. Truth is, it’s not always the easiest, but I love it. I love to wake up on Sunday’s and plan meals for the week and dedicate a few hours to cooking and trying new recipes ? I always try the foods I’m making so by the end of the day, I’m so full and satisfied with all my new foods. I plan on starting a blog which will include a meal prep guide, but in the mean time I’ll share some tips ??

1. I always think of a theme for my week, like Mexican food, Italian, or Mediterranean bowls ?
2. With a theme in mind, I’ll think of the meals associated with it and create my own versions
3. Make sure to remember snacks! I have two snacks a day in between meals. These can be as easy as an apple or even a homemade granola bar ??
4. I always bake one new recipe or sweet treat because I’m always craving it. Having something on hand makes life a lot easier ?
5. Add ins: sometimes I’ll bake a few apples or sweet potatoes in the oven for easy add ins to my breakfasts.
6. Have fun with it. It’s not supposed to feel like a chore. For me, it’s a few hours dedicated to myself to help my physical and mental health ? although I’m not the best at putting myself first, meal prepping is not something I’ll skimp on because it makes my week a whole lot easier.
* message me if you need help anytime ? I’d love to help make your preps easier

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