Sorry in advance for the little rant this morning, but I wanted to share somethi…

Sorry in advance for the little rant this morning, but I wanted to share something really happy and exciting with you guys ? I’ve finally discovered my version of food freedom. This may sound so silly to some of you, but this is something I’ve struggled with my WHOLE life. Growing up, I always wanted to be “skinny” I wanted to lose the extra fat and be as small as my friends. I felt endless food guilt constantly. I shamed my own self for eating dessert or an extra snack or whatever it was ??‍♀️
When I got diagnosed with Crohns, I ignored what my body was trying to tell me. I ate whatever I wanted, gained even more weight, and felt like crap all the time.
Trying to make up for it, I did the opposite. I ate close to nothing and still struggled with stomach pain. But I was losing weight so all was good right? SO wrong ?
This week I decided I was done. I was done not listening to my own body! If I’m hungry I should eat, if I’m full I can stop. If I’m craving something I should just eat it! And it feels amazing. I still don’t eat gluten or dairy, or the other things that cause me actual pain. I eat the things I actually enjoy that make me feel great from the inside out ? I’ve truly never been happier. It feels amazing to let myself enjoy food properly and feel no regrets about the happiness I have when I eat it.
Do I have bad days when I feel like I’ve eaten too much or my stomachs just unhappy? Totally. Im not perfect. I never will be! I’m just working on improving myself daily and becoming the best version of myself ?
Ok, I’m done with my little story! I just couldn’t wait to share this with you guys because y’all are constantly supporting me and helping me grow. So thank you for your endless love ?

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