Dukan Diet Week1

Here is my journey:

Day 1: Monday 21st June 2010

Weight: 73.5kg


So I’ve done a bit of research online and think I have the basics of this diet figured out, I haven’t got the book yet but will do the best I can with the info I can find online.The Dukan website suggests a 2 day attack phase for me.

Breakfast: Herb omelette – 1 yolk, 2 whites. 1 coffee no sugar
Lunch: Chicken breast oven baked with herbs
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff – no pasta
Snacks: Lots of yoghurt to fill my sugar cravings

Exercise: 1 hr Zumba DVD

Day 2 Tuesday 22nd June 2010

Weight: 73kg (-.5kg)


Whoo a half kg loss, that was unexpected, I’m pretty sure it’s fluid loss but I’ll take it! I’m finding drinking the recommended 1.5Litres of water easy, I cary a drink bottle everywhere. Feeling optimistic and off to the shops today to buy supplies.

Breakfast: Herb omelette- 1 yolk, 2 whites. 1 coffee no sugar
Lunch: Chicken breast in a yogurt & curry dressing oven baked
Dinner: meatballs with yoghurt and dill dressing.
Snack: Made the pancake for the first time today, I was pleasantly surprised! And diet custard.

Exercise: 20min Zumba DVD

Day 3 Wednesday 23rd June 2010

Weight: 72kg (-1kg)

Phase: Protein + Veg

Wow a whole 1kg in one day is crazy! I was so excited to see it, I have been trying to get down to 72 for 5 months feels great to see it on the scales. With results like this I feel so motivated.

Breakfast: Bacon, tomato, asparagus omelette with a naughty half cup of orange juice.
Lunch: Oatbran crumbed chicken, and cream cheese chicken oven baked. 3 leftover meatballs
Dinner: Beef stew with sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, capsicum, mushrooms, onion,
Snacks: coffee, yoghurt, custard.
Dessert: Few spoons of Dukan cheesecake, a pancake (added cinnamon and sweetener) 1 oat cookie.

Exercise: 20min walk in the park

Day 4 Thursday 24th June 2010

Weight: 71.5kg (-.5)

Phase: Protein only (had veggies with dinner because I was not at home)

Tonight is my first meal out of the house and I’m scared!  I have phoned ahead and let them know I’m off the carbs but there are other things that could be lurking like oil, cornflour and sugar.Good news I resisted the mashed potato!

Breakfast: bacon & herb omelette, coffee
Lunch: steak & herbs
Dinner: Beef shanks with veggies
Snacks: half pancake, 1 cookie
Dessert: Moose

Exercise: Zumba DVD 1 hour

Day 5 Friday

weight: 71.9 (+0.4)

Phase: Protein + Veg

Well that’s disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. I was praying for a small loss or break even… Well can’t give up now just going to try harder, but not sure what went wrong, the veggies on my protein only day obviously was bad.

Today I had a stressful day at work and ate the whole Dukan cheesecake I made to make me feel better, well that was a bad plan and made me feel sick. Also had a chocolate moose and bran cookies… right food wrong quantities.

Tonight is another challenge, we are going out with friends for Thai! We usually bring a bottle of wine and have coconut rice so this was a big deal to refuse. I did stay strong and had a stir fry veggies, i did cheat with a few cashew nuts, corn and honey in the dressing.

Breakfast: omelette with bacon, tomato, mushroom, spring onion, asparagus, capsicum, bacon.
Lunch: Dukan Pizza
Dinner: Thai Restaurant – Chicken stir fry with cashews
Snack: Ate all cheesecake, chocolate moose, oat bran cookie.

Exercise: Zumba DVD 20min

Day 6 Saturday

Weight: 71.7

Phase: Protein only

Yay the loss is coming back down which is nice. Another challenging day with offers of lunch out, going to the cinemas, sushi and to a birthday party where chips and pizza taunted me all night. My stomach was grumbling so loud with the thought of it, it has a mind of its own! I did stay strong again, not one bite of any carb and am so proud. In the beginning I promised I would do 10 days at least with out giving up so far so good!

Breakfast: Pancake with cinnamon and sweetener, coffee, diet cordial
Lunch: Chicken & cream cheese oven baked
Dinner: 2 x Chicken muffins
Dessert: 1 diet moose
Snack: 1 dukan chocolate, 2 diet red bulls

Exercise: None – time got away from me today.

Day 7 Sunday

Weight: 71.5kg (-0.2kg)

Phase: Protein + Veg

Today both lunch and dinner left me feeling hungry immediately after finishing, it took some exercise after lunch to get rid of that. Now its about 20mins after dinner and I am feeling hungry, I know I’m full but my signals are messed up.

Breakfast: Left over dukan pizza from Friday, coffee
Lunch: salad with 1 steak beef soy sauce, sweetener and asian spices.
Dinner: Tofu & Pumpkin stirfry
Dessert: Hot chocolate
Snacks: green tea, 1 pancake with cinnamon and sweetener

Exercise: 20min Zumba DVD , 10 min arm workout with Hand-weights

Week 1 Roundup:

Total weight loss: 2.1kg

I’m pretty happy with how week 1 has went, I managed to stick to the diet as best I can and refuse temptations in social situations (this is new). People still try to offer you food & alcohol you can’t have but it’s all a test of self control and the will to make it work this time. I will continue this diet for another week and make a judgment call on where to from there. Why not commit to the full program? I am wary of any health issues from a high protein diet, some symptoms I have had are headaches, aching bones, muscle cramps and bad sleep. I am taking calcium, fish oil and multivitamin supplements to support my body through this program. Therefore I want to take this one week at a time.