Dukan Diet Week3

Day 15 Monday 5th July

Weight: 70.7kg (+0.1)

Phase: Protein + Veg

A small gain this morning but I’m not concerned, I still have a cold and suspect that it’s a natural reaction to not loose weight when your sick. I’m going to measure myself today because I see a dramatic change in my body that doesn’t necessarily show up on the scales.

Breakfast: 2 spoons of oatbran porridge, 1 boiled egg.
Lunch: Pumpkin soup, beef steak with mushroom sauce, roasted pumpkin skins and green beans.
Dinner: Corned beef, broccoli, cauliflower, white sauce.
Snacks: 2 coffees, left over veggie & beef casserole
Dessert: yoghurt


Day 16 Tuesday 6th July

Weight: 70.8kg (+0.1)

Phase: Protein

Ok now I’m frustrated, another gain, I guess I am one of the few who are resistant to diets because of the amount I have attempted before. I want to give up today, but I’m giving it one more day before I hoover a pizza! I’m going to up my exercise, measure my water more carefully, no sauces or Desserts and if there is a loss tomorrow I’ll get my head back on track.  So what do I think went wrong? I ate out at a families house so even though the meal looked safe there could have been extras added, I know my stomach blew up like a balloon after lunch and that happens with something in Carbs. I suspect the curry powder used in my pumpkin soup.  I was enjoying my flatter stomach but I relived the old days last night. *Sigh* onwards we go…

Afternoon update: My cravings are out of control, I feel like pizza, garlic bread, ice cream, chocolate all at the same time! I’ve just made an extra sweet coffee to calm down but if I make it through today without cheating it will be a miracle! This is the only time since the first day of attack that I have craved things, must have something to do with not loosing weight, my brain is searching for a way to give in… well brain I have some news for you, I wont! I hope this time of plateau is a sign than my body is adjusting to the new weight and it wont come back. I also think that because I was doing more exercise before I started this diet the shock of the food has worn off. I’ve been working on getting fit since January, and I have improved my cardio fitness heaps, I was just not dropping any significant weight. Today I have done over an hour of exercise and I’m hoping that will make the difference on the scales tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

Breakfast: oat bran porridge, boiled egg, coffee
Lunch: 1/2 chicken breast with herbs and cream cheese
Dinner: 1/2 chicken breast in 1 yolk, 3 whites omeltte with 1 tablespoon of low fat cheese.
Snack: coffee, green tea
Dessert: 1 tablespoon of diet chocolate mousse.

Exercise: 40 mins Zumba DVD , 20 mins walking


Day 17 Thursday 7th July

scalesWeight: 70.1 (-0.7kg) WHOO!
FoodPhase: Protein + Veg
EntryHooray a loss FINALLY! I was back on Attack yesterday to try and get this weight and/or water moving. I had been 4 days without a loss and almost gave up. I also discovered a few things, the Nestle Diet mousse I was eating is too high in carbs so I can only have a half serving a day, which is fine, most of the time I only need a chocolate fix and I’m good. I also watched my salt intake and added very little to my meals, I avoided beef yesterday as well.

Also I found that 30mins of walking is not enough for my body because I was already doing that and more before the diet, so lucky me needs to do about 1 hour a day to make a difference! Lucky I work from home and have the opportunity to do that type of exercise, I would much rather a nice leisurely walk around the park but I think I will need to do a bunch of aerobic style dvds to keep my weight-loss train chuggin’.

We’ve just hit a major business milestone today in my company and we are celebrating tonight with some champagne, this could throw me back into a plateau but celebrating means more to me and I have plenty of time to make up for it.So today is a bit of a break from the diet and I’ll be back into it tomorrow.

Food Diary:
Breakfast:coffee, weight watchers cereal with oat bran (I know bad! but I need something crunchy!), green tea
Lunch:Teriyaki beef salad
Dinner:Roast beef & veggies
Snacks:1 corn cracker with philly and vegemite (also banned), green tea
Dessert:Champagne & vodka with diet pepsi, 3 squares of chocolate, 1 diet moose, 3 weight watchers cookies

Well you could say I took my break day a little crazy, I ate most things I wasn’t allowed and it was obvious I am not ready to come off this diet. Hope the scales are kind to me tomorrow :/



Day 18 Thursday 8th July

scalesWeight: 70.1 (0)
FoodPhase: Protein
EntryHa Ha how funny is that, I didn’t gain any weight after all that I ate and drank yesterday! Want to know my secret? Green Tea, it’s a natural diuretic, it helps your kidneys flush out the extra fluid your body holds onto when eating salt or drinking alcohol. I had one after breakfast and one before bed yesterday amazing!
Food Diary:
Breakfast:coffee, oat bran porridge
Lunch:Left over roast beef, pumpkin soup (yeh bad on a protien only day)
Dinner:Paprika Chicken
Snacks:1 Egg, sliced of leftover roast beef, coffee
Dessert:Oatbran pancake with cinnamon and sweetener
Exercise40mins Zumba DVD , 20 min walk




Day 19 Friday 9th July

scalesWeight: 70.7 (+0.6)
FoodPhase: went nuts
EntryWell lets just pretend today didnt happen.
Food Diary:
Breakfast:2 pieces of toast, vegemite & butter lets make it worse and have orange juice… the worst part, I didn’t even enjoy it, too salty, soggy bread and sour juice yuck
Lunch:behaved here had leftover paprika chicken
Dinner:Pasta then pizza, oh yeah I went for gold
Snacks:Movie Ice Cream lol
Dessert:vodka & pepsi, chips, spring rolls



Day 20 Friday 10th July

scalesWeight: 70.7 (0)
FoodPhase: Protein
EntryBack on the wagon today, feel better after eating pasta yesterday, now I can move on without dreaming about it. Sadly my cold is back and my nose is running like a tap, so hard to get the momentum going when I keep getting sick.
Food Diary:
Breakfast:Yoghurt, coffee
Lunch:Chicken breast with moroccan spices
Dinner:Beef steak, pepper sauce and an egg
Snacks:oatbran porridge, 1 egg, 2 slices of weight watchers bacon
Dessert:1 forme sticky date flavoured yoghurt
Exercisenone, the cold is back



Day 21 Saturday 11th July

scalesWeight: 70.7 (0)
FoodPhase: Protein + Veg
EntryThe day started well, but I’m obviously struggling to stay on track, I wish week 3 was as easy as week 1 & 2 were. The excuses I am giving are the head cold is making me tired and I don’t feel like cooking, my partner scraped the side of the car so I ate chocolate to cope. But there are no excuses, if I wanted it bad enough I would behave. I am going to re-read the book and hopefully relive the ‘ah hu’ moment where I recommit to this fully or not at all.
Food Diary:
Breakfast:oatbran porridge, 1 egg omlette with mushrooms, tomato, asparagus sprinkle of cheese
Lunch:sushi (bad)
Dinner:Chicken & a few chips
Snacks:malteasers, lemonade
Dessert:ice cream
Exercisenone, the cold is back


Week 3 Round Up

Well week 3 was certainly a less than perfect week, I had illness, I gave in to temptation and put on weight (0.5kg). I am still 1.2 kg away from my first goal of 69.9kg, I keep getting within a few hundred grams and just can’t get under 70kg. Hopefully this week will be my week. Motivation is low, but I will keep trying hard, once I crack into the 60s I think the motivation will go back up and I will feel I have really achieve something great.