Type 2 Diabetes – Are These Five Foods Included in a Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet plan is one that is very popular among many, especially in the Type 2 diabetes community because it does do a great job at keeping your blood sugar levels well-regulated, plus helps to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure reading. The Paleo diet plan and the diabetes reduction plan do tend to go hand in hand because they have many of the same goals. They both…

  • emphasize eating lean proteins and healthy fats over carbohydrates;
  • reduce or omit the consumption of processed and refined carbohydrate sources;
  • will have you eating plenty of healthy fats to provide energy and keep your blood sugar levels stable, and
  • promotes vegetables as one of the main foods to consume.

Most people who start the Paleo diet plan see excellent results within the first two or three weeks, so if you are still looking for a diet plan to help you lower your blood sugar and your body weight, it is one you want to consider.

Meanwhile, there are various foods people question – are these Paleo or not? Let us clear up some of that confusion…

1. Peanut Butter. Because peanuts are considered a legume and legumes are banned, peanut butter is also not permitted. If you want to have the smooth taste peanut butter offers, try almond butter instead. It is just as good and is a safe option when following the Paleo diet.

2. Cheese. Because dairy products are not recommended on the Paleo diet plan, cheese is also restricted and should not be consumed on this diet. Butter is often allowed, so you can use this to help add healthy fats to your food and add more flavor to your dishes.

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3. Red Wine.

Red wine is thought to be acceptable despite being an alcoholic beverage. Red wine is loaded with antioxidants and therefore will provide many health benefits.

The trick is to drink red wine in moderation. You should not be drinking an excessive amount of red wine when following any diet plan.

4. Coffee. Coffee, due to its high caffeine content, is out-of-bounds on the Paleo diet plan…

  • herbal tea,
  • green tea, and even
  • green coffee as it is lower in caffeine,

are all options you can drink instead.

5. Oatmeal. Finally, oatmeal, because it is a cereal grain is a restricted item to consume when following the Paleo diet. Some people will add it if they are very active and need to take in more calories, but for the general person, it is taboo.

Keep these tips in mind when following the Paleo diet and make sure you are following the program as advised for best results.


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